The city of dreams


Known as the city of dreams, Mumbai is one of the most lightning city.
Mumbai originally formed by joining seven islands in Arabian Sea namely Colaba, Fort, Byculla, Matunga, Worli, Parel and Mahim and is the capital city of Maharashtra.

Seated on the western coast of India, is also the commercial capital of India.

Mumbai is rated as one of the top 10 centers of the world in terms of commerce and trade.


The city is also one of most densely populated city in the country.

Mumbai is also India’s Largest Flim City.

Film industry of Mumbai has set up a very high entertainment norm.

One can observe that the city creates enormous opportunity and hence it attracts hundreds to come to the city to make their dreams not only a reality but also enlarge their canvas.


Also we can say the city of light. all the festivals are celebrated here.The city was a victim of sudden terrorist attacks and also horrible rain storm on 26 july 2005. Encompassing so many rules and historic ages and traditions and cultural diversity that equivocally made a typical mixed culture of the city’s own, made Mumbai an unparalleled city of color and flamboyance. With such prominence in every field it is needless to say that Mumbai, the City of dreams, the city of events would always be a subject of national focus.

Camera-Nikon D3200



Focal length-105mm

Aperture- 8.2

Shutter speed-1/40sec

White balence-Auto

Note:You may need to change the settings as per the lightin the environment.

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