The light concepts

location:sewri khadi, mumbai
location:sewri khadi, mumbai
location:sewri khadi, mumbai

One of the very important aspects in the world of photography is light.

If you can adjust the light falling on the object with respect to the camera you can probably take the best shots ever..!!

The strength of light depends upon the thickness of the source , to obtain soft light, source should be broad, which means the broader the source, the softer the light.

Softer light means a bit less shadow is obtained and also the contrast is reduced.

Narrow source of light is quite reverse of this process.

Here are some more tips regarding proper use of light:

1)Broad source of light rays give more illumination to the scene.

2) To obtain softer light make sure that the light source is more close because the closer the light source, softer the light.

3) Always remember lighting from the side, above, or below emphasizes it.

4) Normally, the greater the angle at which the light is positioned to the subject, the more texture is revealed.

5) Use the white-balance control to neutralize color casts in your digital camera.

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