5 Best Photo Editing Softwares For Photographers


Normally nowadays most of the photographers edit photos and give them a better finishing before they are delivered to their respected clients.
Even though if the edited photos look much better than the original ones, then too they miss that charm which the original photos have.
Here is a List of few best photo editing Softwares which you can use for editing your photographs.


An image organizer and Image Viewer used for organizing and editing Digital Photos.

Works best on all Windows platforms(From Windows XP) and alos on MAC OS.

You Can Also Create Slide Show Movies In Picasa.


Adobe Photoshop

One of the most popular photo editing software.

Thomas and John Knoll Created this software in 1988.

Most of the designers also use this software as it is very handy and useful tool



GIMP Stands For GNU Image Manipulation Program

The latest Version of Gimp works with almost all the versions of windows and also MAC Operating System.

Some of the linux users use gimp as a part of their desktop operating Systems.



Pixelmator was Released in 2007.

Lithuanian brothers Saulius and Aidas Dailide Developed this graphic image editor for MAC Operating System.

It Features tools like Color Correction,retouching, navigation,painting, selection and also many other.



Adobe Lightroom

Developed By Adobe For macOS and Windows Operating System.

This software allows retouching, organizing and viewing images.

It does not supports photo shop functions like adding, removing or altering.

The Images have to be imported in the data base first.


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