5 Facts About Photography Probably You Din’t Know

Worlds First Digital Camera

  1. The First Digital Camera was Developed By an engineer in Kodak Company, in 1975.
  2. It weighted about 8 Pounds.
  3. Those days is was the only camera to take black and white pictures of 0.1 megapixels .
  4. The amazing fact is that it took 23 seconds to create the first photograph.

Photographs taken every two minute

  1. Every couple of minutes we snap more photos than the whole humanity did in the 1800 century.

Cameras left on moon

  1. Cameras were left on moon because of their weight. Cameras which captured the photos of moon’s surface for the first time were left on the moon so that astronauts could carry 25 Kg of lunar rock samples.

World’s Largest Photography Competition

  1. As per Gunnies Book of World Records the largest photography competition held had received 353,768 entries.
  2. The competition was from 1st October to 15th October.
  3. Participants were asked to submit pictures of different historical moments.

Most Viewed Photograph

  1. The most viewed photograph in history is Windows XP’s Default wallpaper “Bliss”.
  2. Bliss was taken in 1996 in California by an American Photographer Charles O’Rear

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