It is difficult to choose between a Prime Lens and Zoom lens. Although if we compare the prices the zoom lens are pretty expensive as compared to prime lens.

As far as Photography point is concerned, both these lenses are better at their own path.

A “prime” lens normally have a fixed focal length,i.e you cannot zoom in and out, while a “zoom” lens can be zoomed in and out to provide a wider variety of  range of focal lengths. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages as well.

The Optical Quality of prime lens is far better than that of zoom lens , and normally using a prime lens provide you a wide aperture, giving the photographer better low-light performance. As mentioned earlier, they are less expensive then the zoom lens, this is because they are lighter because of lack of their moving parts. On the other hand, the range of focal lengths offered by a zoom lens can provide more flexibility, making them suitable for a wider range of subjects.

On the level of experience and the subjects you want to photograph, you can make a choice between prime lens and zoom lens.

If you have less experience or if you are a beginner, a zoom lens can be far better.The reason behind this is that a zoom lens will allow you choose a range of focal lengthsand also to find what you like.

For experienced and high level photographers, the advanced quality of prime lens will be more efficient to reduce complexity.


prime lens
prime lens

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