Why It Is Better To Use Tripods For Camera


Tripod a Basic Necessity?



Normally people don,t like to carry much weight along with them while going to shoot, But you won’t mind if you are a good and experienced photographer.

A tripod is used just to give a stand and support to your camera.

But then why should one use tripod..??

In any situation with respected to photography , a stable and steady camera is always a must, hence tripod plays an important role here.

Also taking long exposure photos without a tripod will be impossible.

Using a tripod will noticeably reduce unwanted movement of the camera. Lenses tend to be difficult to steady. Their long focal length magnifies any vibration caused by the camera shutter and mirror, wind, or by the photographer themselves. Their slower maximum aperture also causes a frequent need for slower shutter speeds which exacerbates the problem even more.

Using a tripod can really help by making you slow down and think about the shot you are taking and getting the right frame into it.

A sturdy, stable tripod that’s properly set up will get you sharper pictures every time.


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