Consequences Due To Heavy Rain On 29th August-Mumbai

Well we can say the entire city of gold, Mumbai was washed off this week (30th august 2017) by heavy rain.

There were many things that happened, most of them were not positive, the people suffered a lot is a sure thing.

Let us discuss about the things which happened due to the storm.

Failure of public transport:

It  is not a new story that whenever it rains so hard, water logging on the railway tracks takes place.

This makes the running trains pretty slow.

Also delays the trains.

But this time it did not just slowed down the trains but also made them stop for a while.

People had to go through the railway tracks.

Rise of humanity:

Due to the heavy storm many people, organisations, communities, from areas of sion, lalbaug wadala, matunga, dadar,came forward to help people.

Some communities were providing food and water for people struck in flood.

Some were also providing with places to stay for temporary.

Water logging on road:

Also there was water logging on road.

In the prime areas of bombay like dadar, sion and lalbaug there was much of water logging

Interruption in festivals:

Ganesh Utsav, one of the major festivals in witnessed faced this type of problem for the first time in the last few decades.

Definitely people who came from far away places for the festival suffered problems.

Water logging in house:

Some people who stayed at home also suffered problems.

At some parts there was water logging at house also.

People had to suffer with water either coming at their home or through the leakage of roof.

Increase in traffic:

On a obvious note water logging made an effect on traffic as well.

There was traffic jam in most of the places

Lack of cabs:

Due to heavy rain in mumbai people were asked to leave the office early.

AS there were no trains, some people thought to go for cabs.

But the cabs also were not available due to such heavy rains.

New Public transport in mumbai:

As there were no cabs and trains working, people were using other peoples vehicles as a transport medium.

Force to leave the vehicle:

Most of the people travelling in their own cars , due to water logging were unable to move ahead

They had no option but to get out of the car, and move on.

They had to keep their cars right at the place of the flood.

Stays in office:

Due to heavy storm, some people left early.

But some decided to stay at the office for safety purposes.

A night at railway station:

People who left early did not get any transport, had no other option but to stay on the railway station it self.

Some people were allowed to sleep in the express mails.

Unlimited jokes on social media:

What so ever weather it is good or bad, some people won’t stop passing jokes on social media.

It is true and obvious.

Also watch the video below:


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