Garbett Point

Hello everyone, last month we planned a trek for garbertt point (bhivpuri road).

Definitely was amazing experience.

If one has no experience of trekking, then this one is worth for getting enough of experience.

Going there is not much risky but it dosen’t means that it is also very easy.

If you dont know the proper route, then may be an option for guide will be better.

Well, the journey started by picking Karjat train From CSTM which departs at 6.10, reaches the destination(Bhivpuri Road) by 8 am.

After reaching, we had some break first and then we started the journey at 9 am.

Taking help of guide was obvious as we had no idea of the route.

The guide charges Rs 600- Rs 1000 depends upon how you bargain.

After an hour of climbing, the amazing natural view will definitely interrupt your mind of climbing ahead and to take some rest nearby but, it will be better if you avoid that, as you will be having a way more to go ahead.

Overall it was a journey of about 5 hours.

Please carry plenty of water (about 2 liters per person) as there will be no source of water in the journey.

It will be better if you have your food once you reach to the top of the plateau.

You will be encountered by a lake in the middle of the journey, and also by some small waterfalls.

Better if you don’t waste much of your time there.

Once you reach top you will find an amazing view.

However we reached the top by 2 pm.

Spent some time there and then we continued as we also had to move down.

We ended our break by 3 pm and started moving towards Neral station.

You will find a village in the middle of the way, and then finally will reach Matheran station.

The routes were well defined and easy to climb, but might be risky if it is raining much heavily.

Duration : Almost 5 hours from Bhivpuri station to reach Garbett Point.



Essential : Plenty of water (minimum 2 liters per person), good shoes are a must. Extra pair of clothes in case of monsoon.




Garbett Point


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