Mahuli Fort

Mahuli Fort is one of the best fort from trekking point of view.

Mahuli Fort at 2815 ft and is a popular destination for rock climbers.

The fort has been declared as a protected monument and also as a sanctuary.


Dificulty Level:


How To Go:

The nearest station to reach the fort is Asangaon station.

One can catch either the Asangaon or Kasara Local from Mumbai CST, which could also be caught at Kalyan or Thane.And can further take an auto from the station which may cost about 50 Rs per seat(Depending upon the auto drivers).

It takes about 15-20 minutes from Auto to reach the destination.

The fort is very straight and that is what it makes it a bit difficult.

It is a perfect destination for people who love trekking.

It takes about 3 hours for a rookie person to reach on the top of the fort.


The hike is really adventurous and tiring, yet the best thrilling for an adventure lover..! Basically it’s a great place for a nature enthusiast and a person who is up for some awesome adventurous exercise.The surroundings there is consistently surrounded by greenery, so if you are going to trek here , you should go during monsoon time (most recommended).

Carry minimum 2 liters water per person and some light food like biscuits for energy.

Most of the people start the trek on Sunday , so if you want to avoid the crowd you may go on working days or on early morning on Sunday. Good Trekking shoes are important as the route is quite rough.

One should just check the availability of the fort as the fort is kept closed some times due to weather, most of the times it is kept closed in monsoon for about 15-20 days.

After you reach the top you will find a small temple.

During the journey you will also see some good flat trails on the top which are very amazing.







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