Best Photography Apps For Instagram

Now a days Instagram has been one of the popular apps for your photographs,

Here are few Instagram apps which will boost up your instagram profile.


Is a photo editing app which provide many features and effects, you can have full control over the images and can modify them as you want.

There are plenty of vintage filters as well as color splash, which is useful for highlighting a single color in a photograph.

Here are some of the basic features of pixlr.

It also allows you to export or share your editing work to other apps as well

  • Take photos within the app
  • 250+ effects
  • 280 overlays
  • 200 borders


The built in Boomerang in Instagram stories allows you to take videos, but not for too long,

The boomerang from Instagram app allows you to do it for a more time and makes your moments more funnier than ever..!

Tilt-Shift Camera

Well this app allows you to focus on your subject more and comes with 2 focus area types i.e linear and circle.

It also consists some basic features like color adjustments(contrast, saturation,etc).

And also allows you to load your images and then edit them.

Microsoft Hyperlapse

An amazing app from Microsoft, simply enables you to speed up your videos.

You can also speed up the existing video in your phone.

You can speed up your videos up to 32 times.

And the app works really very fantastic.

Slow Motion Video FX

As the name says slow motion video fx allows you to slow down the video you make.

This is very useful if you are have something recorded very fast and you want to display it little slowly.

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