Street Side Book Market At Fort

Street Side Book Market At Fort

Flora Fountain, one of the major tourists attraction in Mumbai, is also famous among the people who are very fond of reading.You will find many booths of books here.

You will find almost all types of books here, dosen’t matters weather they are newly published or old ones or by any new author or the old legendary authors.

After buying a book one can also return it and get a refund of half of the MRP of the book.

Well these booths are not only located near flora fountain but distributed in the whole fort area in Mumbai.

One of the biggest booth is located at the heart of Flora Fountain.

The moment you reach Churchgate station, after walking a few minutes to the way of flora fountain you will see a huge pyramid of books.

Books are kept one on the other and out of those some are very huge pyramids, if you pull one from the bottom , there are chances that the pyramid may collapse, so just the seller pick out your desired book out of it.

Prices of some books are negotiable and you can find books with a range of authors with respect to any type of book you want.

If you don’t get your desired book, you don’t need to worry just tell the seller the book you want, and he will make sure he have it when you go there next time.

It is a perfect place for the people who are fond of reading.

Must visit if you love reading…!!!


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